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Cathy DuFresne, LMSW


Cathy has been a clinical social worker for 20 years and has experience working with adults, teens, and families. Cathy has always enjoyed talking with people and helping others in whatever way she is able.  Cathy has had many different experiences throughout her life which have taught her valuable lessons. She has found the simple lessons can be the most powerful. For her, these are, be kind, be compassionate, and listen. Cathy believes people have value and deserve to be heard.  She tries to incorporate these values into practice because they are vital to the therapy process.  Cathy also believes change is possible and wants to help others find ways to make changes in their lives, whether it be to build happiness and joy, decrease stress, improve relationships, cope with grief, or learn to manage their thoughts and feelings more effectively. Cathy is a person- centered therapist. and incorporates CBT, ACT, somatic, and solution focused interventions into therapy. Additionally, Cathy is also DBT informed with over 100 hours of DBT training.  Cathy received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in social work, both from Wayne State University.

Practice styles: CBT; DBT, ACT, Somatic, Solution Focused, Trauma Informed

Areas: Anxiety Disorders, Depression/Mood disorders, Stress Management, Trauma, Grief and Loss; Life change; Pain Issues; Relationship Issues

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