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Lillybrook Counseling Services has instituted a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response plan.  Lillybrook aims to protect its workforce and clients by enacting all appropriate prevention efforts.  We are continually monitoring guidance from local, state, and federal health officials and implementing workplace and plan modification(s) where appropriate.  Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the Administrative Director or Chief Executive & Clinical Director via phone at (248)250-6620 and/or email at or respectively.


We have made it a top priority to create an environment, as well as policies and procedures, based on expert recommendations, that will allow you to continue to receive the high quality care you need and deserve in the safest manner possible.  In addition to telehealth services, which will be offered as a permeant service delivery option, Lillybrook has also established policies, procedures, and safeguards related to CDC recommendations as well as MDHHS and MIOSHA rules/orders for all in-person services and activities.  When considering in-person care, we urge you to use an abundance of caution in your decision-making processes.  In-Person care must be weighed against the potential risks associated with COVID-19 including but not limited to life and health.  

Below is a summary of some of the steps and protocols we have put into place to mitigate risk and promote safety as of June 22, 2021: 

  1. All staff, employees, volunteers, and contractors are oriented to the company policy and are trained by Erin Lilly, Administrative Director or Joe Lilly, Chief Executive & Clinical Director. 

    1. Compliance with policies and procedures are monitored. 

  2. Screening all patients and staff for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their appointment/start of their shift.

    1. Anyone demonstrating symptoms will have their appointment rescheduled.  All cancellation fees will be waived in connection to COVID-19.

      1. Symptoms include but are not limited to

        1. Fever

        2. Cough

        3. Shortness of breath

        4. Loss of taste and/or smell

        5. Sore throat

        6. Gastrointestinal issues

      2. Any known or possible exposure to COVID-19 will result in rescheduling the appointment to telehealth or another day and time.

    2. In the event you or your therapist are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 we’re glad to offer your session to you via telehealth, as long as either party remains medically capable.

    3. It is our goal, to the maximum extent that is possible to prevent and/or quickly remove any COVID-19 exposure within our offices.  

  3. It is recommended that all individuals who are unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk continue to wear a mask. 

    1. Signage is posted in the suite recommending this. ​MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED.

  4. It is recommended that all individuals who are unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk continue to maintain 6ft of physical distance between other individuals. 

    1. Signage is posted in the suite recommending this. ​

  5. It is recommended that all individuals frequently wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.  

    1. Soap and water are available in the building restrooms. ​

    2. Hand sanitizer is available in all rooms/offices within the suite.  

  6. Following the CDC recommendations for disinfection and cleaning protocols throughout the day

    1. Disinfection of chairs, tables, and other furniture throughout the facility. 

    2. Lillybrook staff clean and disinfect all high contact areas several times throughout the day

    3. Other areas throughout the suite that are not considered high contact are cleaned daily. 

    4. A full clean and disinfecting is done of the entire suite weekly including vacuuming of the carpets. ​

  7. Electronic paperwork processing via the patient portal.

    1. We encourage you to authorize our “Credit Card on File” option to reduce the need of currency exchange.


We realize that some of these measures may be a bit of an inconvenience, but the health and safety of you and our staff are always our highest priority.  If you feel you are unable to accommodate these policies, we ask that you continue your treatment remotely through telehealth procedures.  Your therapist reserves the right to cancel your session in the event there has not been proper screening or if it is determined that COVID-19 symptoms are present. 

As the circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change and evolve, Lillybrook will, as feasible and reasonable, adapt to the recommendations and requirements provided by the CDC, MDHHS, and MIOSHA including the loosening and/or elimination of certain COVID-19 mitigation efforts and other associated restrictions.  If you have any concerns related to in-person care you're encouraged to continue with telehealth services.  Feel free to contact the office at (248)250-6620 to discuss your concerns with your therapist and/or the Chief Executive and Clinical Director.    

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