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Job Description 

Lillybrook is a family owned small business dedicated to providing professionals a premier work environment.   We are an outpatient mental health practice devoted to enriching the lives of those we serve while also developing further the human potential.  We are committed to increasing the opportunity for those in need to receive the help and healing they deserve.  We utilize a collaborative approach that is strengths based, client centered, and rooted in our belief in the dignity and self-worth of others.  Within this approach, clients are viewed as partners in their treatment, and considered experts in their needs.  We provide both in-person and telehealth services allowing us to further meet the diverse needs of the community. 



  • Establish open lines of communication for individuals with mental or emotional issues

  • Offer assistance to individuals with mental health issues

  • Implement and review treatment plans

  • Collaborate with additional treatment providers and placement agencies

  • Ensure all documentation is completed in a timely manner


  • Previous experience in mental health counseling or other related fields

  • Familiarity with community mental health resources

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills

  • Ability to build rapport with clients

  • Strong leadership qualities

Additional skills and qualifications:

  • Experience treating children (5+), adolescents (12+), and families

  • Familiarity with electronic medical records

  • Ability to utilize Google Workspace and Microsoft Office

  • Familiarity with the reimbursement process utilizing private insurance

  • The desire to be a part of a team and possess great teamwork skills

We are seeking a Psychotherapist to join our team!  Clinicians will provide strength based, client centered, evidenced based services in individual therapy utilizing in-person and telehealth modalities.



  • Independent contractor

    • Make your own schedule including full and part time positions.   ​

  • Masters level or higher

  • Licensed social worker, counselor, or psychologist (i.e., LLMSW/LMSW, LLPC/LCP, LLP/LP) in the State of Michigan.

  • Able to provide in-person and telehealth services 

  • Minimum 3 years experience providing outpatient mental health services preferred

    • Experience with children (5+), adolescents (12+), and/or adults (18+) utilizing accepted evidence based treatments.

  • Basic computer skills and knowledge (i.e. Gmail, Google Docs)

  • Experience utilizing Electronic Medical Records including best standards and practices for documentation.

If interested, please submit resumes to Joe Lilly at

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