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LaTanya Carter, PhD, LP


LaTanya is a Licensed Psychologist (LP) who obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan. At the time, she had a particular interest in Developmental Psychology and understanding how psychological processes adapt and change over the lifespan.  Upon graduation, LaTanya continued her educational pursuits at Michigan State University, obtaining her Masters of Arts and Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology.  During this time, LaTanya gained excellent training in psychological assessment, including how the brain operates and how psychological testing can be used to help us better understand cognitive processes. During her first job post-graduation, she only provided psychological testing to clients of all ages. This experience deepened her understanding of testing instruments and their application. LaTanya furthered this application in her previous job where she continued conducting psychological assessments with the purpose of accurately determining a diagnosis. With over 10 years of experience behind, most of which involves psychological testing, LaTanya is fully equipped to use testing as a tool for helping clients better understand their cognitive processes, personality, and diagnosis.