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Lillybrook Counseling Services May 2021 COVID-19 Response Update.

This week seems to have marked a real turning point in the battle against COIVD-19 in the State of Michigan. Though it does appear that there is still a long way to go, it also appears we have gained some much needed ground and can really start to lean into the hope of better days. I say that with cautious optimism and a lot of excitement.

That being said, as we learned last year changes related to COIVD tend to happen rapidly. I want you to know here at Lillybrook we’re listening to the guidance of doctors, science, and medical professionals as we work to adapt and evolve with the rapidly changing circumstances and rules surrounding COVID. Further, we are committed to honoring, validating, and respecting the safety and rights of others.

We are currently analyzing our COVID response plan and how it relates to the current recommendations and requirements offered from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). We are seeking further guidance from both the CDC as well as MDHSS on the recently announced changes to the mask mandate as well as in-person requirements and hope to receive that information soon. Once we know more about those announcements and how they relate to business, specifically healthcare practices, we will be adjusting and adapting to those changes as well.

Additionally, we are currently analyzing our COVID response in relation to our upcoming move. As we recently announced, we’ll be moving to a larger space in June where our capabilities and needs will be different than they have been in our current office. Therefore, our COVID response and procedures may be different than they have been since we returned to the office last summer. Furthermore, some changes being announced by the CDC/MDHSS may not take place until we move to the new space due to the logistics.

Essentially, what I am trying to say is over the next few weeks to months we will be returning to pre-COVID operations, as much as is feasible, permitted, and safe, but this will be a work in progress and their may be frequent changes to the routines and procedures you have grown accustomed to during the pandemic. As much as possible we will notify you of changes as they happen.

I know as the circumstances surrounding COVID change (again) it may lead to feelings of anxiety and vulnerability, which I think is natural after all that has transpired over the previous 14 months. However, I want to state again we are committed to your safety and the safety of our staff as well as committed to respecting the rights of each individual that interacts with Lillybrook. If you have any concerns, please feel free to address them with your therapist, or with myself.

Thank you for your patience and your commitment to us and to your care during what has been one of the most challenging years.


Joe Lilly, LMSW

Chief Executive & Clinical Director

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