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Education          Masters of Social Work                                                                   September 2007 – May 2009

                            Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


                            Bachelors of Arts in Psychology                                                    September 2003 – December

                            Graduated with honors                                                                   2006

                            University of Michigan – Dearborn                                                

                            Dearborn, Michigan 


                            No Degree                                                                                         September 2000 – May 2003

                            Oakland Community College, Royal Oak,



                            Diploma                                                                                              September 1996 – May 2000

                            Bishop Foley Catholic High School, Madison Heights,              



Additional Academic Experience and Training


1. Psychology Honors Seminar at the University of Michigan-Dearborn 1/2004- 12/2006 with the primary focus of learning the research process and conducting research.

2. Master’s degree in social work with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems.

3. Annual trainings on Recipient Rights, Non-Violent Behavioral Interventions, HIPPA, and First Aid/CPR

4. Participated in the Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Cohort to become a certified TFCBT therapist.(Did not finish) 2011-2012

5. CAFAS certification ended in 2013

6. Certificate in Core Supervision 2017

7. Certified Anger Management Treatment Professional 2023


Continuing Education

1. Have attended trainings on Dialectical Behavior Therapy in September and October 2010

2, Attended the monthly Children’s Mental Health Ground Rounds trainings on topics concerning children and their families (i.e., ADHD, Assessment and Diagnosis, Working with Developmentally Disabled children, etc.) 2009-2012

3. Divorce and The Effects on Children 2011

4. Functional Behavioral Assessment 2012

5. Helping Children and Teens Cope with Alcoholic and Addictive Homes 2012

6. Stage Matched, Strengths Based Recovery Oriented Treatment Planning 2012

7. The Importance of Developing an Understand for Adolescent Youth in Foster Care 2012

8. Abuse and Neglect: Reporting requirements 2012

9. Cultural Competency: Working with LGBTQ Youth 2013

10. Cyberbully: Prevention, Intervention, and Ethical Challenges 2013

11. Suicide and Self-Mutilation: Stopping the Pain 2015

12. Psychopharmacology 2015

13. Understanding Difficult and Aggressive Behaviors 2016

14. Calming the Overactive Brain 2016

15. Oppositional, Defiant, & Disruptive Children & Adolescents: Non-Medication Approaches to the Most Challenging Behaviors 2016

16. Over 75 Quick "On-The-Spot" Techniques for Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavior Problems 2017

17. Screening Safety Planning and Ethics in Domestic Violence 2017

18. Human Trafficking for Social Workers and Service Providers 2017

19. Ethics in the Behavioral Health Disciplines 2018

20. Ethics and Pain Management in the Non-Medical Behavioral Disciplines 2018

21. The Business of Social Work (7 Keys to Success, How to Start a private Practice: A Guide for Michigan Social Workers, Everyone Wants to Get Paid: Medical Billing – What Private Practitioners Need to Know, NASW Code of Ethics, Technology Standards & Social Media) 2018

22. Rewiring the Brain: Applying Neuroscience

23. Emotional Pain: Navigating Suicidal Behaviors in Clinical Practice

24. Borderline, Narcissistic, Antisocial and Histrionic Personality Disorders: Effective Treatments for Challenging Clients 2019

25. Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Michigan 2019

26. Disruptive Behavior, Impulse Control and Conduct Disorders 2019

27. The Effects of Marijuana 2019

28. Ethical Considerations in Social Work Practice Today 2019

29. Michigan Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians 2019

30. Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals 2020

31. Trauma Conference: The Body Keeps the Score-Trauma healing with Bessel van der Kolk, MD 2020

32. COVID-19 and Mental Health Current and Future Challenges 2020

33. Smart but Scattered: Executive Dysfunction at Home and at School 2021

34. Trust & Meaning Making in Parent-Child Interactions 2021

35. The Enduring Neurobiological Effects of Abuse & Neglect 2021

36. The Ethics of Digital Practice: An Essential Guide to Providing Quality Care, Navigating Ethical Issues and Managing Legal Risk 2021

37. Resilience: Building Hope In The Face of Adversity 2021

38. Attachment-Based Family Therapy: (Re)Discovering the Parent-Child Bond 2021

39. Relationship-Focused Play Therapy 2021

40. Mapping Exploitation – Escort Services – Human Trafficking 101 – Measurable Change 2022

41. Implicit Bias: Implications for Healthcare Access & Service Delivery 2022

42. Level UP Your Supervision 2023

43. Ethics and Risk Management in Behavioral Health What Every Clinician Needs to Know About Mental Health and the Law 2023

44. CBT for Chronic Pain: Getting Unstuck with DBT Skills 2023

45. Witness? Expert? Party to a Proceeding? Preparing Mental Health Professionals for Legal System Involvement 2023

46. Suicide Risk Assessment and Safety Planning 2023

47. Documentation & Recordkeeping: An Effective Risk Management Tool 2023

48. Telemental Health Certification Course: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Virtual Sessions with Children, Adolescents, and Families 2023

49. Managing Microaggressions: Is Your Counseling Practice Culturally Competent?  2023

50. Documentation 101: One Clinician’s Perspective and Experience 2023

51. Building Personal Power and Navigating Stress: Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for School & Home 2023

52. - Introduction to Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy 2024




Lillybrook Counseling Services                                                     December 2018 – Present

Owner/Chief Executive Officer/Clinical Director/Psychotherapist

  • Day to day operations

  • Clinical operations

  • Maintain a caseload and provide psychotherapeutic interventions and counseling to individuals in need of and meeting criteria for outpatient treatment.

  • Marketing to the community in need

  • Developing marketing materials

  • Networking with referral sources

  • Establish business relationships and partnerships

  • Utilize, manage, and maintain Electronic Medical Records

  • Supervision of staff and independent contractors

  • Quality control and process improvement

  • Develop, monitor, and maintain safety, ethics, polices, and procedures

  • Facilitate, lead, and participate in case consultation


Perspectives of Troy PC                                                                  January 2018 – December 2018

Executive Committee Leadership

  • Provide leadership to staff of 40+ therapists.

  • Carry and operate the afterhours emergency crisis phone for the clinic.

  • Manage and maintain Electronic Medical Records functionality for the clinic including assisting therapists/clinicians through orientation and day to day activities.

  • Utilize Mojo Helpdesk to submit support tickets to obtain external help for Electronic Medical Records.


Perspectives of Troy PC                                                                  January 2017 – December 2018

Executive Committee

Director of Anger and Behavioral Management on the Executive Committee

  • Market to the community anger and behavioral management services.

  • Network throughout the community through speaking engagements and seminars as part of the Perspectives Speakers Bureau.

  • Provide referrals within the agency for clinicians trained in working with anger and behavioral issues.

  • Provide education to staff on behavioral modification and anger management strategies.

  • Assist in the privileging and re-privileging process for clinicians requesting to work with specialty populations.

  • Participate in monthly committee meetings in which the committee reviews clinic personnel, policies, procedures, quality control, and process improvement.

  • Assist in making decisions as a committee to improve upon policies and procedures.

  • Assist in providing supervision to therapists and interns within the clinic on clinical, administrative, and documentation matters.

  • Facilitate the Anger and Behavior Case Consultation.

  • Develop and maintain a department brochure.

  • Develop and maintain a semi-annual department newsletter.

  • Report to the clinical director, administrative director, and/or executive director personnel and/or agency issues.

  • Record radio shows about the department that are aired on Family Life Perspectives on WMUZ.


Perspectives of Troy PC                                                                  June 2014 – December 2018

Peer Utilization Review Committee (PURC) Member

  • Assist in quality control and process improvement.

  • Audit at least 4 charts monthly for quality and completeness.

  • Assist new clinicians in the orientation and transition process.

  • Train new clinicians on the electronic medical records system and documentation process.

  • Assist clinicians with policy and procedural issues.

  • Participate in monthly meetings on quality control and process improvement of clinical policies and clinical documentation.

  • Provide supervision to interns and new clinicians.

  • Report to the clinical director on personnel and/or agency issues.

  • Monthly quantitative audits reported to the clinical director.

  • Assist in the assessment and development of new and existing forms.

  • Assist in the development and transition from one Electronic Medical Record system to a new Electronic Medical Record system.


Perspectives of Troy PC                                                                  August 2012 – December 2018


  • Complete comprehensive assessments and treatment planning for children (Ages 3-12), adolescents (Ages 13-17) and adults (18+) with a DSM-IV-TR and (after 2015) a DSM 5 Diagnosis.

  • Provide psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and families utilizing a variety of modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Behavior Modification. 

  • Conduct groups for children and adolescents.

  • Present in seminars assisting parents with difficult children.

  • Facilitate the Countertransference Case Consultation.

  • Attend monthly Utilization Review meetings in which charts are audited.

  • Record radio shows about mental and behavioral health topics that are aired on Family Life Perspectives on WMUZ.


The Children’s Center                                                                     July 2009 – July 2012


  • Cover a case load of 35-60 children/families.

  • Working with clients ages 6-19.

  • Working with legal guardians, foster care workers, DHS workers, birth parents, and foster parents.

  • Psychosocial Assessment and treatment planning.

  • Provide psychoeducation to clients/families about DSM-IV-TR diagnoses.

  • Running group, individual, and family therapy sessions.

  • Provide therapy interventions to children and families. 

  • Case conference with agency psychiatrists on a monthly basis.

  • Connect family with Case Management services.


Orion Area Youth Assistance                                                         September 2008 – May 2009                            Caseworker/Therapist/Group Facilitator/Mentor

  • Provide therapeutic and case management services to children, adolescents, and adults using individual and family treatment modalities.  This included children with a diagnosis of ADHD.  

  • Formulate treatment plans and conduct assessments.

  • Facilitated and Co-facilitated the X-TEND mentoring group and monitored high school students as they mentored middle school students.  Helped the mentors in planning activities and provided weekly debriefing with the mentors about any issues they had. 

  • Weekly meetings with a first grader where we played games, built card houses, and made paper airplanes to provide an opportunity for said student to complete non-educational activities to help overcome shyness.  


Catholic Social Services of Wayne County                                 September 2007 – May 2008

Foster Care Case Management and Adoption Services Case Management 

  • Attended court hearings concerning clients and conducted home visits to monitor foster parents and potential adoptive parents.

  • Completed all necessary DHS paperwork for foster care and adoption services and conducted office visits with DHS caseworkers.

  • Supervised agency visits with foster parents and birth relatives as well as potential adoptive parents.


Common Ground Sanctuary                                                          September 2005 – March 2007

Intern/Residential Specialist

  • Supervise the activity of clients and peer mentors and document client behavior and shift activities.

  • Create and facilitate group therapy sessions and supervise interactions between interns and clients.

  • Perform intakes.

  • Conduct crisis call.



Additional Skills

Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Outlook.

Can type approximately 60 words per minute

Basic knowledge of Windows 10

Experience working with both paper and electronic medical records including TherapyNotes and Epitomax; Over ten years’ experience with EMR

Efficient with Android devices

Leadership skills

Generally tech savvy with basic knowledge of technological functions including internet, Wi-Fi, printers, and copy machines

Basic knowledge of QuickBooks online

Quality Control and Process Improvement including chart auditing

Leadership skills

Supervisory skills

General knowledge of Google Workspace

General knowledge of website design utilizing Wix.

Public speaking skills

Knowledge and experience utilizing the DSM-5

Experience providing telehealth services



Honors, Awards, and Recognition

Graduated with Distinction and Psychology Honors, University of Michigan – Dearborn 2006.  Presented to students who developed, completed, and defended an honors thesis based on a self-designed research project.



1. Perspectives E.D.G.E program. Parenting the Out-of-Control Child. Presented twice yearly from 2013-2017.

2. Perspectives Speakers Bureau. Effective Parenting Strategies for Preschoolers and School Aged Children. March 2016

3. Perspectives Counseling Centers Open House.  The Many Faces of Anger. October 21, 2016

4. Everest Collegiate High School & Academy Parenting Seminar. Parenting with Boundaries. March 10, 2017

5. Perspectives Counseling Centers Open House. Behavior…The Tip of the Iceberg: Exploring the Underlying Triggers to Behavioral Challenges and Recognizing 10 Strategies that are Proven Effective.  April 28, 2017

6. Overcomers Support Group. December 19, 2017.Presented with Dr. LaTanya Carter

7. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. November 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th 2018

8. Future Problem Solvers. January 28, 2019

9. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. February 25th, March 4th, 11th, and 18th, 2019

10. Clawson Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. April 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th 2019

11. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. October 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th 2019

12. Troy Youth Assistance Parenting Series. November 11, 2019

13. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. February 24th, March 2nd, 9th, and November 16th 2020

14. Mental Health Series – Novi Public Library. January 14, 2021.

15. Havenwyck Spotlight: Anger Management: Take care of yourself while taking care of others. February 10, 2021

16. Thursdays To Thrive: Tips for Parenting Success. Livonia Public Schools Webinar. April 14, 2021.

17. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. January 24th, and 31st, February 7th, and 14th 2022

18. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. October 26th, November 2nd, 9th, and 16th 2022

19. Troy Youth Assistance Parenting Series. January 10th and 17th, 2023

20. Rochester Area Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. February 28th, March 7th, 14th, and 21st 2023

21. Troy Youth Assistance Community Programs. Four Part Seminar. March 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd 2023

22. Havenwyck Spotlight: Anger Management: Disarming Anger Through Empathy, Collaboration, and Problem Solving. March 14, 2023

License and- Licensed Certifications  

1. Masters Social Worker 2011-2024

2. Certificate in Core Supervision 2017 - Awarded to participants in the NASW-MI Core Supervision seminar

3. Certified Specialist in Anger Management 2023

Associations & Memberships

National Association of Social Workers 2007 – 2021

Troy Community Coalition, Executive Board Member-At-Large 2021 – Present 

Joseph Lilly, LMSW

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