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Paula Jackson-Sims

Support Staff 

Paula earned her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies at Michigan State University. Currently, she works full-time as a Career Coach with Detroit at Work supporting families with gaining self-sufficiency and independence in all things related to employment and common barriers. She has a background in Human Resources, Customer Service, and Home Care with mental health individuals. With a passion to assist others, Paula makes sure to fulfill that need professionally and in her personal life by always telling others to “Have a good day!”.


Paula has strong skills in leadership, administration, and human relations which is what brought her to Lillybrook. As a Support Staff, Paula wishes to be an aid as she does every where she goes. This will in turn provide her with more opportunities to branch out and learn new things. 

At home, Paula specializes in being a SUPER MOM. Staying busy with a school-aged daughter and being newly engaged, she always has a task to do so the nature to support others is a given. However, she knows that self-care is the best care so in her spare time she crafts, watches movies, or rollerblades on the Detroit River.

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