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Sherry Wexler, LLMSW

Individual & Family Therapist

Sherry received her Master’s in Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan.
She has practiced as a clinical social worker in a variety of settings including schools, homes for
aged and private practice. She recently found a new endeavor as an editor for two books
focused on improving our society’s mental health.

Sherry likes to look for the silver lining in the obstacles we encounter. She believes our
weaknesses can lead us to discovering our greatest strengths. It is her philosophy that “We are
not our labels”. It is her goal to enable clients to identify and embrace their true selves. Sherry
enjoys supporting individuals coping with anxiety, depression, OCD, Gifted characteristics, food
allergies, learning differences and the aging process.

In her free time Sherry loves to spend time with family and friends exploring new cities and the
culinary adventures they offer. She also enjoys nature walks with her husband and dog for
fitness and relaxation. Sherry has two adult children whom she is very proud of.

Sherry views life as a journey filled with joys and sorrows that together we can learn to respond
to in a manner that increases our quality of life.

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