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Reducing Anger, Growing Emotionally (R.A.G.E)

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

For those of you who know me, or have worked with me, you know I am passionate about anger and the many different ways it is expressed. Many conversations, articles, speeches have been about how anger is a secondary emotion, the result of something else. For years I’ve been using the phrase “What’s behind your anger?” Which is why the first two posts in this blog started with that name. However, I don’t think that says enough about my passion, my drive, or my goals when working with anger.

First, I want to say, I will post a lot about anger or behavior in some sense or context. However, that is not all that I work with. I have a vast knowledge and experience working with anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, grief, and trauma. Also, I promise you, I can find a way that anger is connected to all of those things…sometimes all at once.

That being said I do believe the process of healing, from any ailment either physical, mental, or emotional is to understand the underlying problems (i.e. what’s behind it). It can’t end there though. We want to move forward from that understanding to the point of growth and healing. That is why I am changing the name of the blog to R.A.G.E. (Reducing Anger, Growing Emotionally). I feel that in all contexts of anger as well as in all contexts of the work that we do here, our in the end is to grow emotionally. Furthermore, in the fight against the stigmatization of mental health/mental illness, especially in the male population but in all populations, I believe both reducing anger and growing emotionally are significant factors that would create positive change for all.

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